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Print File Lists Using PrintFolder Pro

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Print File Lists Using PrintFolder Pro

Adds file list feature to Windows Explorer

Using Windows Explorer, printing a list of files is hard work. In fact, it's almost impossible. PrintFolder Pro is a fast and efficient utility that lets you print a list of files located in any folder - and in any number of subfolders.

Easy to use and highly configurable

Beyond being extremely easy to use, you can customize file lists to fit your own preferences. List filenames only, or include file size, date, time, path, extension, attributes, created date and time, accessed date and time. You can format your output as text, HTML or delimited list.

Among the other options are:
List folder names only
DOS-like directory-listing
List the contents of archive files (including all popular formats)
Treeview list

Extract information from popular file formats

PrintFolder Pro includes special support for MP3-files, imagefiles and other popular file formats. You can use our popular AutoComments-function to extract descriptions from several file formats. Use this choice for folders containing different kinds of files.

If you are making a list of image-files, you can include the IPTC information of your choice. And if you are making a list of MP3-files, you can include the the ID3-tags of your choice.

Tailor your output

You can tailor the output by editing a pattern field in one of three ways:

1) select a standard pattern from the dropdown list
2) edit the pattern field directly
3) use checkboxes to select information to include

.. or a combination of the three. When using the checkboxes, information is added to the pattern in the order you check them.

And several more features ...

Print or save a list of files located in any folder
Customize file lists to fit your preferences
Print headers, footers, page numbers, etc.
Select sort criteria and sort order
Edit file lists before printing
Print preview
Easy operation through Explorer pop-up menu
List files in subfolders

What's new in PrintFolder Pro 3.2?

Print to file
Save and load settings
New fileinfo options:
     Disk usage (%DUSG)
     DOS (8.3) filename as a separate option (%NDOS)
     Created time and date (%CTIM)
     Last accessed time and date (%ATIM)
New AutoComments features:
     Extract URL from Favorites (*.url-files)
     Extract path from Shortcuts (*.lnk-files)
New option: Ignore max column size in treeview mode
New option: All names as uppercase
Copy and paste as RTF
Open HTML-output in browser
Support for filesize > 2GB
Support for Windows XP themes
Sort by time added to Sort by date when time is included
Improved handling of long and multiline IPTC-captions
Improved user interface for AutoComments and advanced output patterns

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